Monday, November 15, 2010


D.C. 11/15/10
Today in Washington D.C., the American Consumer Tax (ACT) was hand delivered to Congresswoman Michele Bachman!
You can ACT now in 3 easy steps!
1) Abolish income tax in its entirety.
Repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and replace it with common
sense taxation, as called for in the original Constitution by the Founding Fathers.
Close IRS office.
2) You keep your paycheck.
Budget your own money.
3) Implement equal sales tax on all goods.
Services exempt.
Why ACT now?
It's the only sure way to turn around America.
Who wants to ACT now?
All United States of America Citizens; regardless their political, religious, business affiliations, ethnicity, gender, social-economic arena.
Who does not want to ACT now?
How could anyone not want ACT? May only those who want to control you and take your paycheck. (Changed per suggestion in comments at the end.)
How to ACT now:
a) Before you sell a product you will be required to register with your state.
b) State provides registered seller an "ACT Sales I.D." number.
c) State provides seller the simple formula which adjusts cash, debit, check and credit receipts,
and determines how much money state receives from your sales.
d) Depending on duration of sales (One day garage sale, or year round retailer), seller
may choose the formula and form in hard copy or software program.
e) Software would be downloaded on cash registers, and percentage automatically
deducted and sent to state on daily basis.
f ) Software or hard copy formula would be the "tax collectors." Not the seller!
Would any product be exempt?
How can my state ACT now?
Your state will be responsible for:
* ACT registrations
* ACT enforcement
* ACT collections
* ACT Sales I.D. data base
* Agreement with federal as to dollar amount (%) sent to federal
What happens if you ACT now?
You will be able to keep your entire paycheck!
What you earn will be no one's business except yours!
Finally - you'll know your true earnings, and enjoy budgeting, saving, investing and spending it!
You can work like everything, and know the federal government won't penalize you for "earning too much."
More Benefits
1) Federal spending will be reined in to handling only those areas as outlined in our U.S. Constitution.
2) Ending the costly processing fees that accrue in federal will give states a higher yield on ACT monies collected.
3) Instead of sending your withholding tax to federal, your employer will be able to give that money directly to you!
4) Countless hours and money wasted calculating dollars and interpreting elusive tax codes will be freed up to produce.
5) Employers would be able to pass on savings to their employees, build infrastructure, and produce more products.
6) Each person who sets foot on U.S. soil would help American Citizens, each time they purchased something.
7) Non-discriminatory, ACT would give illegal immigrants, tourists, drug dealers, whomever,
an opportunity to work together and contribute to the re-building of America.
8) Those who off-shore their money would no longer have reason to do so.
They'd keep their money in America, increase deposits and improve financial stability of banks.
9) Banks would loan money, thereby capitalizing businesses that produce and provide goods and services.
Income tax is un-constitutional. It can be and must be completely dissolved.
Honest citizens who made mistakes on their tax forms need to be de-criminalized.
Class warfare, and the invasive, unfair powers of IRS will end.
An implementation hypothesis: Under a 20% ACT, Joe the plumber would spend $20.00 on a $100.00 wrench,
whereas Donald Trump would spend $200,000 on million dollar jet, and Margie the
medical marijuana user would spend $200.00 on a thousand dollar prescription.
Charitable citizens would have more to give to their neighbor in need.
ACT would generate enthusiasm and incentive for the creators to create, entrepreneurs to take risks and venture capitalists to invest. Manufacturing will reinstall on U.S. soil,
jobs would be created, consumers
would buy...and so the circle would continue.
States would rightfully handle their own unique education, medical, welfare, road needs.
Federal would be forced to rein in spending and stay within the U.S. Constitution defines which include: international defense, trade, highways/skyways/byways.
Onerous policies like death tax will become moot; law makers will have opportunity to address critical matters instead of conjuring ways to steal your paycheck.
ACT will generate more monies than taxing incomes.



The consumer tax will NOT close the will simply transfer the badgering of the public at large to the retailer. If folks are in a position to retire, my guess is lots of them will do that rather than have to deal with the bookwork that will be dumped on them by this plan. Also.....there is no reward for increasing sales or growing businesses because the effort to do that will not be deductible. As a matter of interest...about 40% of my sales are International. Those sales didn't come slidinging down the rainbow like babies.....I had to go to those Countries and develop those markets....if the cost of doing that was not a deductible business cost....those sales wouldn't have occured....taxes on my net from those sales would have been non existant.
Also...the Fed income tax...won't go away...a National
sales tax will be introduced at a small amount and then increased as it "transitions"...but it won't do will simply be another tax.
Wealthy folks like the consumption tax because they figure they can afford guess is...lots of the things they will want to buy simply won't be there to buy.
Hi Sharon,
Hope you don't mind, but tomorrow (or soon...we're in D.C. now to the 25th) - I'll do a complilation of the terrific discussions on this.
This is terrific!
We're 'breaking the log jam!"
Thank You!

Bear in mind Roni.....lots of folks do business on a layaway basis....
.I do quite a few sales that is rare a person buys for instance a $3000 saddle with one check...usually a deposit....then some make payments...but most make second payment just before delivery.
Sometimes horse dies...person may die or become unable to ride....or changes horses and needs something while most sales are completed, they all aren't. If I have to do a daily report on sales then something causes it to be cancelled, then I have to back thru that sale re: taxes paid. Also...I"m in Israel at this moment fitting horses for saddles....WHO would do my daily sales report? I would have to hire someone to do that who I now don't have to hire. I won't do that. I will retire...there will be no business taxes at all paid into the pot. OR...I'll move off shore to a place that is easier to do business in....and I won'[t be alone. Sharon
But surely we're smart enough to figure out an honest way to abolish the un-constitutional "income' tax, and find an equitable way to tax us???
What might that be?
Or - we could just slide into the abyss.
ACT is initiating a "discussion" - letting the American public know things do not have to be the way bureaucrats are painting it.
I pray someone comes up with better ideas...Roni

Our tax system isn't anything to be proud of.....Its worse than folks think because there re some private exemptions for some people that the public doesn't know about..... does have some good parts. A "clean accountant:" or someone like Co former Treasurer Mike Coffman could shape it up to be reasonable. One simply can't discard cost of sales and cost of product development and expect both to continue.
I've been shipping our things overseas since 1982....almost 30 years....I've placed over a million dollars worth of saddles in Switzerland alone....I had to go over there to make that happen...if it wasn't a business expense, I wouldn't have done it...thus the taxes on those sales would never have existed....there has to be incentive to encourage product and market development.....I KNOW a reasonable system can be put together...but dumping tax collection onto the retailer isn't the answer...Smiles Sharon
You make excellent points. All of which need to be taken into consideration - of course - when the entire mess is cleaned up and re-structured.
What I personally hate the most about "income" tax, is it's Gestapo like invasiveness into each and every person's private life.
A taxation method - that respects everyone's privacy - is the least "paper work" for anyone - dilutes "class warfare" and still collects revenue for the government to run the goal. Roni

Here in Israel, with all the taxes...VAT and income and local sales taxes...most folks end up with 22% of what they earn.....They have few alternatives...Sharon
Tuesday, November 16, 2010
Roni -
I know this is hard to believe, it only took me 6 years to gather the history and connect the dots and believe it myself.
All forms of taxes directly and indirectly upon the natural born Americans are not only not necessary, they go against all the highest charters and actions of our land, e.g. The Laws of Nature and Nature's God (LONANG), the Declaration of Independence and the intent and sucess of the first American Revolution. Jack
I couldn't post your highlighted information. Please direct post.
Thank you, Roni

go roni go ...
ps: her favorite climate scientists are _ _ _ _ (who is a lawyer)and _ _ _ _. we may want to start campaigning our own brand of fearless cowboy-cowgirl science ...later when i can send, i will send you
a nice report by kimball rasmussen where the mention of cowboy and straight no-non-sense truth shine through ... what is this about beef prices increasing ... not joking ... packers are at it again?)DS
Words from the "cowboy Chuck."
"Beef cattle numbers are at a fifty year low. Due to declining prices for the rancher. Many have gone out of business (gone broke).
When the economy improves and people start eating more beef, there will be a definite shortage of 'born and raised in the USA' beef.
There will come a time when there'll be a shortage of all food items - due to the adverse/counterproductive/political positions against domestic resource production." Roni

i see the mechanism now ...
yes, it is that killer non-incentive when you have gangsters ruling our lives and livelihoods ...
this was a big news in NPR last week ... DS
Subject: Writing in support of Roni Bell's American Consumer Tax Act
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 15:42:49 -0500
Nov. 16, 2010
Congressman-elect Cory Gardner,
I had the honor and privilege of working with Roni Bell on a couple of GOP congressional campaigns this fall -- Mike Fallon for U.S. House (Colo.1) and Isaac Hayes for U.S. House (IL-2). She's a dedicated American patriot.
I urge you to consider her American Consumer Tax Act as either a bill -- or a resolution seeking the sense of the Congress -- for the 112th Congress.
Looking forward to speaking with you in the future.
Very Respectfully,
Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq.
Managing Partner
Genome-Communications, LLP